Eyebrow Embroidery

Question  1 :  What are the differences between Brow Art Asia Eyebrow Embroidery and Eyebrow Cloning?

Question  2 :   Why do them?

Question  3 :  How do I know which technique suits me better?

Question  4 :  I have heard that I need to shave off my original eyebrows in order for you to do the embroidery/cloning?

Question  5 :   How long can they last?

Question  6 :   When do I require for a touch-up session?

Question  7 :   Who can do them? Can I do it if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?

Question  8 :   What should I take note of after my embroidery/cloning session?

Eyelash Extension

Question  1 :  How long can a set of Eyelash Extension last?

Question  2 :   Will using Eyelash Extension affect my natural lashes?

Question  3 :  Can I apply mascara after the Eyelash Extension?

Question  4 :  Can I use eyelash curler?

Question  5 :  Can I use oil-based make up remover?

Question  6 :  Can I remove the Eyelash Extension myself?

Question  7 :  Can you apply extension on lower lashes?

Question  8 :  I have no lashes at all / I have very little own lash hair, can I still have eyelash extension?

Question  9 :  How to take care of my eyelash extension and make it last long?

Body waxing

Question  1 :  It is my virgin Brazilian wax experience, will it be painful?

Question  2 :  Will the regrowth be rough?

Question  3 :  Will the regrowth be itchy?

Question  4 :  What should I avoid/take note of?


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